Over the years, I've been involved in projects that haven't managed to see the light of day. Not projects that are pending, but ones that are for all intents and purposes DEAD. Most of these were pitches (either by myself or with another writer) that got rejected, some not making it past the initial pitch, while others died along the way. One made it to the scripting stage before being shot down, while another made it all the way through scripting, penciling and inking before it was killed

The death metaphors aren't accidental. These are living things to a creator. There is life's blood put in to them, time and effort and consideration, even the most casual ones. It's no fun to see an idea die on the vine. So here's a chance to give them a life, even if it's brief.

Over time, I'll post various pitches I've been part of, along with any art that was generated for them. All characters are copyright their respective holders; and none of these are intended for print in any way, or for sale. They're novelties, some even snapshots of the time they were produced. I like to think of them as the chances that got away.



Superman Elseworlds


HERCULES written with Darren Sanchez

Ghost Rider

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