This is the filler story that actually made it all the way to finished inks before being "killed" (they cancelled his title and re-launched him with a new look).

To be honest, the impetus for the story was a notion I had to cram in every Marvel character I could in to one story. So I came up with an alien invasion scenario. The twist is that the story is told in reverse, starting with the end of the battle first, and progressing backwards in snippets to the end, which is the beginning. There we see how the whole thing is Deadpool's fault. I had a lot of fun with the character, throwing in as many little gags as I could (facing Captain America, Deadpool says "Say Captain, ain't you like WAY overdue for a promotion"), some of which are very dated by now (I had the new Captain Marvel in there, who'd just been introduced, but everyone thought he was the original, and wondered "Aren't you dead?").

Jpegs of all the pages and the script were posted on a forum I was involved in years ago, and are still floating around the web (search Deadpool Almost Destroys the Marvel Universe) so I won't go more into the story or spoil the ending/beginning for anyone who wants to find it.

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